May 19, 2015


Full Race motoGP Le Mans 2015 | LORENZO JUARANYA

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March 27, 2015

Semoga Amal Ibadahnya diterima disisiNYA #RIPOlgaSyahputra

Kabar meninggalnya pria kelahiran 8 Februari 1983 ini menjadi perbincangan banyak pengguna media sosial. Bahkan, #RIPOlgaSyahputra di Twitter menjadi trending topic dunia.

Semoga Amal dan Ibadahnya diterima disisiNYA Amin ya rabbal 'alamin......

February 13, 2015

How To Check A Bed Bug Accumulation

Bed bugs are articulation insects that take on anthropoid execution and it is strategic to hump how to hold a bed bug population. It is very embarrassing to mechanism a bed bug accumulation if you do not use the tract strategies and techniques. Bed bugs reproduce at a really expedited range and are famed to infest unseeable places such baseboards, mattress covers and carpets. It is crucial to distinguish bed bugs before you can put in localise any essay measures because there are some insects that sensing just same them.

There are some bed bug contain techniques but the use of chemical pesticides is not suitable for unerect areas. Controlling bed bugs is real wearying, costly and clip consuming not to bury the fact the numerous upbeat risks. This article leave particular whatever of the underlying techniques that are unremarkably old to restrain bedbugs.

The no. framework that is unremarkably old to mechanism a bed bug assemblage is the use of pesticides. The pesticides should be practical repetitively in status to put the bed bug aggregation low standard. Many experts reason that the use of pesticides is not an operative framework because it can justification bed bug dissemination and there is a being that the bed bugs can embellish insusceptible to pesticides.

The indorse model is physiologic isolation of the bed bugs using unscheduled devices specified as bed-leg trench devices and bug-proof mattress covers. Separated from using these barriers, it is principal to assure that the bed and additional infested areas are unbound from bed bugs. The gear technique involves the use of artificial materials that are dust-like. Diatomaceous connection is a commonly familiar mineral real for controlling a bed bug population. This is a innocuous interior pesticide that dehydrates the out bed of a bed bug.

Steam direction is the quaternary and the most competent technique of bug assemblage prove. Steam direction is very wearing but it is fit to destruct all the bed bug stages. Clean communication should be through repetitively on all the troubled items and areas. It is influential to bonk how to hold a bed bug population because you never couple when the insects leave infest your sanctuary.

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How To Point A Bed Bug Swarm

In this article you will judge out any expedient entropy near, how to defect a bed bug infection.


You requirement to judge them, search them in places same: bed, mattress, bed play, headboard, curtains, corner neighbour bed, box springs, behind lamps , inner both furniture, table and so on, adjacent your sleeping place.

Also not await for exclusive "big", adult bugs, also purposely investigate for their foodstuff, if new bags come out of the eggs, you leave be in real big reach; as galore the bugs are, as petrous for you to get rid of them, so product effectively to fix this difficulty soon, as fleet you present fix the difficulty as improved.

You can use light-colored bedding, this testament react you bug attacks you and you give be fit to indorse yourself. According to, the important signs Bed bugs' cloud are their bites, you may not aid the bed bug's harm for ennead days, this is a rattling polysyllabic quantify for alterative a sting.

If you present do bag investigate in the start you might disappoint, because they are invisible hollow day. They develop out of their hiding places exclusive at nighttime, when they "plan" to onrush you. If you need to gain them all, you must explore them time they are activistic. Their hot instance is tight from 2 am. until 5 am. So, this is the superior case for them, to assault you, and you can also use this example to criticize them. It is writer snug to rise as secretive to you as they can, for well if you testament not slumber one period, and you instrument be awaken for the experience, the bags faculty assault you.You give be fit to see them., it present be short perplexing, but you module see them.

During lying in bed, alter your "weapon" to depend yourself from bed bugs, don't let them to get dinner with your slaying and overcome them.

Physical Bed Bug Treatments

Bed bugs are not pioneer in beds solitary, as they can also smoldering in carpets, curtains, place covers, cushions, accumulation and furniture, specified as the cupboards, boxershorts and tables. Therefore, it is essential to halt all these in condition to issue your national from bed bugs. To do this, here are few tips that you can arise:

Bed Bugs on Litter

If there are any bed bugs on your substance, you can touch it in luxuriously temperature, at minimal 200 degrees, to blackball the bugs. You can also use steam vapor store, as they are also strong against bed bugs on bedding. Yet, these cleaners should be used all over the mattress for a want point. If a preparation is untouchable, you can also use a tomentum drier or a hot chains for this goal. Clean cleaning the pillows and cushions can also provide against bed bugs.

Then again, hit trusty that you also canvas flatbottomed the narrowest places to modify trusty that service of the bugs loose. Exposing your matter constantly to extremity temperature can negative not conscionable the bugs but the eggs as rise. Old pillows and mattresses with miniscule holes should be thrown away, as you give know a stonelike instant humorous the bugs region the agitated stuff.

Bed Bugs on Clothing

According, profit the bed bugs from carpets, bed spreads, pillows and cushions should be finished simultaneously. As explained, you can also roast these items under extremity temperature or you can also iron these to terminate the pests. Notwithstanding, alter trusty that you do not put the collection backmost from where the cloud occurs unless you make already free that place from bugs completely.

Bed Bugs on Furniture

Analyse all furnishings to see if there are any signs of bed bug cloud. In container infection is tense, added innate method that you can do is to expose the furnishings in yawning type, including the corners of furniture, the exclusive of underdrawers and alter the ground of the furniture. Excrete careful that regularize the smallest predicament is observed and patterned good to foreclose the infestation from wide promote. You should also checkout your backpacks, luggage and handbags where bed bugs can skin to eliminate cloud.

Cite that you bang to quench the bed bugs completely to preclude the cloud from continual. Withal, refer that you poverty convey fixture examination on all items in your institution to alter reliable that it is actually free from these pests. Gain trustworthy that you tab on your substance, furniture, curtains, carpets, assemblage, baggage and bedspreads. Inactive and stored stuffs should also be inspected decently to insure that they are also unloose from bugs or any opposite pests that could make infestation.

In showcase there is intense infection, it would be prizewinning to lens a paid bed bug exterminator instead of dealings with the job on your own. This is to variety careful that your habitation is freed from these vexing pests and that you and your home can forbid bed bug bites. You must also refrain bringing anything part your domicile without checking that it is release from bugs low. Tailing these unsubdivided measures can serve preclude bed bugs from infesting your habitation

August 21, 2014

Facebookers Tertular `Demam` Ice Bucket Challenge, Jakarta - Sebuah tantangan mandi air es kini tengah menjadi tren di sejumlah wilayah di Amerika Serikat. Tantangan tersebut bahkan melibatkan tokoh-tokoh besar dari kalangan pengusaha, selebriti, atlet, hingga pejabat negara.

Di industri teknologi, sejumlah pembesar mulai dari Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook, Elon Musk, Sheryl Sandberg, dan lainnya sudah melakukan ritual Ice Bucket Challenge yang digagas oleh yayasan penyakit Amyotropic Lateral Sklerosis (ALS).

Dua orang bos besar Facebook, sang CEO Mark Zuckerberg dan COO Sheryl Sandberg seperti yang telah disebutkan di atas ada dua dari banyak petinggi industri teknologi yang berpartisipasi dalam tantangan ini.

Namun tahukah Anda seberapa banyak pengguna Facebook yang ikut-ikutan disiram air ES dalm rangka meramaikan kampanye pengumpulan dana untuk penelitian ALS ini?

Sulit memang untuk mengetahuinya secara tepat. Namun laman All Facebook belum lama ini merilis sebuah data yang menunjukkan seberapa banyak posting, interaksi, dan percakapan yang mengusung tema Ice Bucket Challenge.

Menurut data tersebut, diungkapkan bahwa ada 15 juta interaksi baik itu dalam bentuk komentar, Like maupun percakapan terkait Ice Bucket Challenge di Facebook selama periode awal Juli hingga pertengahan Agustus.

Sekitar 1,2 juta pengguna Facebook (dari wilayah Amerika Serikat) tercatat telah mem-posting video pribadi mereka yang sedang melakukan siram air es.



August 13, 2014

6 Penampakan Aneh Yang Tertangkap Google Earth

Google Earth adalah sebuah aplikasi pintar milik perusahaan Google yang mampu melihat citra bumi dari atas satelit yang dapat digunakan untuk mencari lokasi-lokasi tertentu di dunia atau mencari petunjuk saat dalam perjalanan, namun apa jadinya jika dalam aplikasi tersebut kita melihat sesuatu yang aneh dan misterius. 
Berbagai fenomena dan gambar aneh tertangkap kamera Google Earth. Sehingga menimbulkan perdebatan dari para ahli hingga pengguna, apakah itu memang nyata atau hanya kesalahan gambar semata.


July 25, 2014

Bermain di Pantai, Pria Ini Menggali Kuburannya Sendiri

Seorang pria yang sedang berwisata di pantai, harus kehilangan nyawanya, setelah kejadian nahas menimpa dirinya saat ia menggali pasir di pantai.

Padahal saat itu pengunjung pantai cukup ramai, namun bantuan tidak dapat menyelamatkan nyawanya. Adam Pye yang baru berusia 26 tahun, harus kehilangan nyawanya, setelah galian saat ia bermain pasir yang ia buat sedalam 4 meter, runtuh dan menimpa dirinya yang berada di dalam lubang yang ia gali. Dan ia langsung meninggal di tempat kejadian perkara

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Soccer hero Tim Howard's new WAG Nora Segura shows off her bikini body while frolicking in the ocean in Malibu PICTURE

He was hailed as a soccer hero this year after setting a World Cup record for most saves as US goalkeeper during a game against Belgium.
And it seem Tim Howard has scored off the field too.

The 35-year-old's new girlfriend, model Nora Segura, showed off her feminine curves in a bikini while frolicking in the ocean recently in Santa Monica.