April 22, 2013

New Facebook Logo

Reported by Mashable, Facebook is replacing the iconic logo design since Saturday (20/4). When examined, Facebook's new logo icon no longer includes a transparent line at the foot of the letter F. Letters commonly used as an icon, is now designed to penetrate to the bottom of the blue box as a frame. Simply put, the new logo Facebook icon now looks like a blue square with a hole shape of the letter F. In addition to replacing the iconic logo, Facebook also provides a new design that looks more simple for some other icons such as Facebook Developers, Facebook and Privacy, Security, Universities, Mobiles, Non Profits and U.S. Govt. However refreshment is not accompanied with an explanation of Facebook regarding the meaning and significance of changes in the design of some icon. If in your Facebook account have not seen the change, not to worry. That's because social networking made ​​by Mark Zuckerberg is currently in the process of applying to millions around the world Facebook account