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April 25, 2012

Mad cow disease

Some food was made from cattle that had the disease.It has a long incubation period, about 4~5 years.It comes from the chemistry structure of prion protein.Mad cow disease has damaged the cattle industry.In the England, the nation that worst affected, more than 179,000 cattle were infected and 4 million were killed in an attempt to get rid of the disease.

Mad cow disease is the common name of Bovine spongiform encephalopathy.The brain becomes spongy and begins to waste away.The cattle become very violent and show signs of mental disorder and have trouble when they move.Cattle that are 4~5 years old can get the disease very easily.It was not a common disease, but in 1996 the Minister of Health and Welfare in England said that it could be contracted by humans.When cattle get this disease, they have holes forming in their brains.

It's a disease that affects a cow's nervous system.

Source : Wikipedia

August 17, 2011

Virus, Bacterium And Amoeba

Virus will be the familiar Genetics. It's got virtually no lifetime. It's a molecule, which has a defined design which may be maintained simply by blowing wind as well as from celestial body to a new, by means of space or room dirt. When considering in to connection with cytol of the located mobile, the idea uses the fabric readily available presently there and also multiplies, creating viral nausea, rooster syph, HIV etc. So that you can this understanding, it's got absolutely no power for people. Bacterium is usually a lifestyle mobile, effective at motion through waters, while using the head of hair over it's physique, the one cell, just like oars. It requires glucose and also multiplies really quick. A particular mobile phone cracks into not one but two. It's got virtually no pure dying; it really splits.

Most of us transport numerous beneficent microorganisms within our intestines. Kine digest your lawn with the help of microbe task. Naturally, they bring about typhoid fever for example.

Amoeba is really a whole mature dog along with thirty five chromosomes, more than our own quantity that is certainly forty 6. Hence there needs to be a basics of an neurological system to overpower the actions.

It doesn't cease to live, however breaks within not one but two, the same as bacteria.

Amoebic dysentery is among the most widespread abs issues. The idea utilizes modest microorganisms simply by engulfing them which consists of human body, in addition to diffusing its items.

Thus, there's a quantum leap by micro-organism so that you can amoeba! All the wildlife currently have all-natural demise, as their vacation spot! Likely, people resolved that will survival with the contest is much more important in contrast to the individual.

Researchers need to trouble area the following puzzle regarding exactly how amoeba had become, as long as they would like to analyze progress.